Update on our Tribute Scholarship Fund:

Thanks to so many generous folks, we raised $1700.00 during our reunion weekend for the Tribute Scholarship.  A special thank you to Jon Jojola and  Mark Cravens for promoting the raffle and all who participated  in the golf event.  We raised over $500.00 at that event to kick things off!

We have an account set up at the Sandia Lab Federal Credit Union for donations. Anyone and everyone can donate any time! :)
Please include the following information if you wish to donate via mail:
Alumni TSF
Sandia Lab Federal Credit Union
PO Box 23040
Albuquerque, NM 87192-9910
Please include the account #
1648480 on your check.

The idea is to keep the scholarship fund active for as many years as we can. We will invite other  classes to participate and carry on what we started this year. The scholarship will be   awarded annually to  a qualified graduating  Monarch. The staff at MHS is grateful and excited about our interest in supporting the education of young Monarchs. The scholarship will be awarded in May but the recipient will not actually receive the money until all school obligations are met. (according to the established guidelines set by MHS)

Our Class has so many gifted, creative and talented  people; it would be encouraging for students to read a few of the stories behind our successful donors. (just an idea that we can work on if anyone is interested in sharing their story)

We will  also create a web page  for "tribute comments"  about  our classmates  we are honoring. Everyone will be encouraged to write a memory or list a name /names of anyone you wish to honor.

We are  pleased that the Class of 72..once again has taken "caring" to a higher level.(who knew there was a level higher than "the top"?)...)  We expect nothing less than the highest ground  from our amazing 72 Monarchs! The response to our scholarship has been overwhelmingly positive. We are  grateful for  your support and generous donations!

We welcome all suggestions and advice from MHS 72 Monarchs who would like to be a part of our efforts to  support and encourage young Monarchs to reach for the top. We want all Manzano HIgh seniors  to apply for the Tribute Scholarship and for all students to  know  that everyone will  have the chance to apply. We encourage all students to reach for their goals and the end result for us will be reading their story of success as they become the donors for the Tribute Scholarship a generation  from now.