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Re: More rear bite

Posted By: Willy
Date: 5/6/2002 19:31

In Response To: Re: More rear bite (#34)

If you want to improve the forward bite and you have to use stock upper control arms you can by doing what you suggested. Get a couple sets of extra upper control arms and drill them as needed at different length's and try a set and see if you have better bite coming off of the corners. The thing with stock uppers is if your ride heights are too low the upper control arms will be pointing too high at the differential and the rear suspension will tend to bind. If at all possible you need the top arms no more then 10 to 15 degrees down at the frame and the lower ones pointing down at least 3 to 5 degrees at the rear differential. Our track let us go to a 3rd link and pan hard bar in our metric chassis car last season. We have our car so low in the rear we had to lengthen the lower control are mounts on the rear differential to prevent the shocks from bottoming out (stock mount shocks). So if you have to stay with the stock suspension be careful because you can get carried away and open up a whole other can of worms. All of the chassis books say 0 degrees on the metric chassis pinion angle, we found that 3 to 5 degrees down did wonders for our car. We run a 1/4 mile asphalt 12 degree banked track.The metric chassis cars do not come off of the corner very well without some type of changes to the rear suspension. If you are like we we 3 years ago racing against Camaro's you will keep getting your tail kicked until you talk your track into letting the metric chassis cars do something with the rear suspension of your car. That's what we had to do at our track, everyone with metric chassis cars were leaving because of the Camaro's. Good luck, Willy

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