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                                    Track Testing Services


Basic Budget Option

Basic data acquisition (G Analyst), Radar gun, and 2 or 3 stopwatches will all be provided. 2 or 3 people are required to help with watches and gun.


While this is a “basic level” service, leading Indy car teams were barely to this level of sophistication in the late ‘80s.  This service is still far superior to nearly all weekend racing efforts today.  Data captured is 2 axis G force (friction circle, fore/aft acceleration and lateral g) for whole laps, instantaneous speed at one critical location per lap, segment time(s) and overall lap time.


Quick at-track analysis allows improvement for chassis, gearing and driving style.  Racers are typically amazed at lap time improvements with this budget option.


Cost: $65/hr  (Less than the labor rate at any car dealership - and you can’t buy this service from a dealer!)


Short Track Option

Essential onboard (Datamite II) data acquisition (2 axis G force, 4 suspension sensors, steering & throttle sensors, front & rear wheel speeds, and beacon) provided by you or rented.  2 laptops will be provided for testing.  110v power must be available at test.


Many second tier from the top professional racing teams have yet to reach this level of analysis.  Data captured includes:  friction circle, fore/aft acceleration and lateral g for whole laps, suspension travel at all 4 corners and display of dive, roll (both front & rear) continuously around track, shock velocities at all points around track, steering angles at all points (not just corners), throttle %, vehicle speed continuously around track, front & rear wheel RPM and % slip of rear tire, and automated segment timing to the .001 of a second for up to 8 segments.


Quick at-track report shows gains & losses of segment times for best lap of each run.  Also, identifies potential corner speed that driver is failing to reach.  Allows clearer understanding chassis changes and development of better set-up. Typically, teams with this level of analysis find the suspension is not doing as they expected and it changes their whole approach to alignment and set-up.


Cost: $600/day, system rent is $500/day plus installation @ time & materials. Rental can be applied to cost of system if you purchase.  System cost $3,999.


Advanced Short Track Option

Same onboard data acquisition as above plus all 4 wheel speeds and 10 infrared tire temp sensors. 2 laptops will be provided for testing.  110v power must be available at test.


Some top tier professional race teams have yet to employ this technology. Same data captured as above plus tire temperatures at all points around the track.


Same analysis as above plus identifies excessive rebound in “tie-down” set-ups, rear end differential analysis and tire/suspension evaluations.  Almost without fail teams are shocked when they see how fast tire temperatures change on the track and how high the temps are in the corners vs. the straights.  This service can bolt you to the front of the pack!


Cost: $700/day, system rents at $800/day plus installation @ time & materials. Rental can be applied to cost of system if you purchase.  System cost $5,899.


ARCA, Busch, Truck Option

Full onboard (CDS) data acquisition (3 axis G force, yaw rate sensor, brake pressure, 4 suspension sensors, steering & throttle sensors, 2 wheel speeds, 4 aero pressure sensors, 10 IR tire temp sensors, and high speed beacon).  2 laptops will be provided for testing.  110v power must be available.


Analysis is second to none in these classes!  Proprietary and leading edge analysis; therefore, details can not be printed, however, we can tell the difference in the direction of the tire’s contact patch and the steered angle of the rim.  Or, handling characteristics too fine or fast for human drivers to detect, or the potential best lap time for the vehicle in spite of a human driver (owners and crew chiefs love this analysis).


Cost: $750/day, using your system or rent our system at $1,000/day plus installation @ time & materials.


IRL, NNC Option

Services available depending on your needs (training your personnel or we staff).


Note: All services will have direct (no percentage added) travel expenses added.  Gross receipts tax will be charged where applicable.  Any damage to rental systems will be charged for replacement costs of damaged components.

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