Q: What is the "prelaod" and what does it mean in the Computerized Chassis Weights software?

A: Preload can come from several sources. Take for example a coil over shock that has a threaded collar for supporting the spring. If the collar has been turned up a number of times so the spring is compressed even when the shock is fully extende d then the spring would be preloaded. In other words there is a load on the spring before there is any shock compression. On the whole car, due to spring placement, suspension positioning, and tire diameters, etc., you can have a preloaded affect just like the single coil over unit. Adjustments (in or out) on the weight jack screws is the most common way the preload is changed. The preload in the software is simply the amount calculated in pounds.

While weight jacking is a quick and simple way to change the handling of the race car, it is still a crutch. Follow in instructions in the manual on how to interpret the preload and determine what the race car wants for springs.

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