Q: What is the importance of wheel temps in Tire Temp Analyzer and what is the proper way to take them?

A: A computer is just dumb box. It only know what you tell it. For example, if you were to race your car and have the right front brake rotor glowing bright red you would see this and would be registered in your brain. The computer can not see t he car and does not know that a large heat source is near the wheel and tire.

The temperature of a wheel can be elevated to the point where more heat is reaching the air inside the tire from the hot rim than is coming from the tread surface of the tire. If the software were to read only the tire temperatures it may suspect a sligh tly high air pressure, but with the rim temperature the software would know about the heat coming from the brake rotor.

A good place to take the rim temperature is where the center flange of the wheel meets the rim portion of the wheel.

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