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Remote Data Acquisition Services


The Remote Site Data Services include improvements to your current analysis by providing "math channel equations" and views (CDS), worksheets (Pi), profiles (AiM) for your current analysis software.  You will then be able to see the data just as it will be reviewed and evaluated.

Simply email your current run data to Auto-ware and it will be quickly evaluated just like having a Racing Engineer on your team and at the track. Shortly after that you will get a phone call with the findings and a review you can follow on your computer because you have the same screens.

Depending on your sensors and system everything from shocks to chassis, gearing to handling, and even driver development can be addressed with this new service.  Again, just like having a full time Engineer on the team, but without travel expenses, pit passes, per diem or payroll and fi you get rained out there is no charge.

Space is limited.  Call now for details and reserve your spot!

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