Q: I am looking for some information on what kind of rear suspension I should use. I have a 1977 Chevy pickup I am building into a street rod and also take to the strip at times.I have heard pros and cons on both four link and ladderbar suspensions. If you could help me out with some information i would appriciate it.

A: Regarding the ladder bars and the four link suspension it needs to be noted that they are first cousins in the world of suspensions and have many of the same advantages and disadvantages.

Beyond the pros and cons of the fabrication, installation and set-up there is the aspect that this suspension will have a dual life (i.e. street and strip). On the racing aspect, the four link does provide more tune-ability. However, more choices often lead to more confusion. For life on the street, neither is the ideal set-up. Both suspensions bind during body roll. Depending on how you have the four link set-up it may bind less than the ladder bars. If you go with the ladder bars keep an eye on the welds and watch for cracks.

Because this is a street rod and not a work truck, have you thought about another type of suspension? Maybe a 3 link or decoupled 4 link (a.k.a. sprint car, dirt track car) would work well for both the street and strip.

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