Mustang 5.0 Performance Builder

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Finally, a performance simulator exclusively for the Mustang 5.0!

main screen

Test different engine combinations before you buy the parts. Simply click on the parts you want to try and build your combination.

Select from different sizes of Mass Air sensors and throttle bodies, intake manifolds, different heads, cams, rotating assemblies, different headers, H pipes and cat-backs. Over 7 million possible combinations with the listed parts!

And for the experienced engine builder, you can enter your own specs in the Customize Parts section of the software. You can enter head chamber volume, valve size, stroke, rod length, pistons, cams, deck height, head gasket thickness and rocker arm ratios to match your exact specifications or just to experiment.

dyno sheet

Once you have selected your engine combination simply click on the analyze button and you will see the calculated torque and horsepower for the engine. You can even lock baseline torque and HP curves on the screen for easy visual comparisons of engine changes.

rpm/speed graph


A Fuel Injector calculator and a Quarter Mile calculator are built into the software, too!

But the special features don't stop there! With the Camshaft Timing Toolkit, you can easily simulate advancing or retarding your cam. You will instantly see the resulting valve timing from this change and in two clicks of the mouse, see the resulting torque and horsepower change, as well!

Another very helpful tool is the Speed vs. RPM graph. This allows you to enter your gear ratios and shift RPM and see the resulting speed and RPM in each gear.

thrust graph


A really cool tool is the Thrust graphs. This graph shows the actual pounds of force pushing your car forward. The wheel spin limit is also shown. Any curve above the line can not be reached because the rear wheels will spin first. You can try different gears, weights, or tires in the software and see how they interact with the wheel spin limit.

Another way to use this graph is to examine how the curves fall off to the right. You can go back and select different engine parts, dyno that combination and then return to this graph and see how the changes impacted the actual force pushing your car forward.

rpm/speed graph


Another benefit is the acceleration G Force graphs. Again, using the engine's power simulation, gearing, shift points, etc. you can see the anticipated acceleration performance.

Besides all these tools, Mustang 5.0 Performance Builder has some unique benefits. It's smart, too! Whether you pick parts from the built-in parts catalogs or specify your own parts, the Engine Builder is constantly checking for potential problems such as compatibility and fit.

If your parts combination results in the piston sticking above the block deck, you will be instantly warned. You'll benefit by spotting common problems before you buy the parts.

You can spend a lot of time, effort and money changing your engine and it could end up making little or no difference to the power. With Mustang 5.0 Performance Builder you can assemble and dyno an engine in about 2 minutes. In just 2 more minutes you can graph thrust or acceleration performance.

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Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, color monitor, CD ROM drive and hard disk

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