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 Coil Spring Rate- spring rate by coils and size

 Leaf Spring Rate- spring rate by length, width and leafs

 Sway Bar Rate- spring rate by size and arm length


 Cornering G Force- G force by time in corner

 CGH- CG height by scale weight


 CID- displacement by measurements

 Compression Ratio- by measurements

 Valve Timing via separation & advance

 Valve Timing via centerlines

 Torque & HP


 HP from 1/4 time- good for drag cars

 HP from top speed- good for HP from flat out max speed


 Speed and RPM- Speed via RPM and gears with graph

 Brake rotor temperatures- Rotor temps from speed weight etc.


 Unit conversion


These calculators are based on resources that are thought to be reliable and accurate.  No warrenty or guarentee is implied or expresses.

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