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                          General Help for Different Programs.


Front Suspension Geometry Pro

Intro demo  Basic introduction to program sections - video

Building a computer model  How to enter your suspension measurement - video

Virtual suspension adjustments  How to mockup alignment changes - video

Corner simulations  How to see what happens to your suspension on the track - video

Virtual steering feedback  How to predict what you'll feel in the steering wheel - video

Parameter optimization  How to work backwards and get a specific roll center or camber on the track - video


Computerized Chassis Weights 

Enter Chassis Setup - demo  See how it enter your car's setup - video

Chassis Weights Analysis - demo  See how simple it is to analyze setup - video

Handling Tips as Simple as ABC  This page has tips for using Computerized Chassis Weights.

Unexpected Wheel Rate in CCW  This page has tips on wheel rates in Computerized Chassis Weights.

Preload, What is it?  This Page describes the difference between cross weight and preload.


Tire Temperature Analyzer 

Entering Temperature related items - demo  See how it enter your car's info - video

Analyzing Tire Temps - demo  See how easy an analysis can be - video

Roll Out - Hot & Cold (Tire Temp Analyzer)  This page describes hot and cold tire roll out.

Wheel Temperatures (Tire Temp Analyzer)  This page describes wheel temperature and its importance.


Rear Suspension Geometry 

Enter Rear Geometry - demo  See how it enter your car's suspension setup - video

Rear Suspension Analysis - demo  See how simple it is to analyze setup - video


Engine Shop 

Build a Virtual Engine - demo  See how it enter your engine's combination - video

Engine Analysis - demo  See how easy it is to analyze HP & Torque - video


Mustang Performance Builder 

Mustang Engine Builder Install Error on Win98  If you get the message "An error occurred while loading meb reinstall the software" then review this page.



Misc.  help

Printing Graphics in Windows 95 or 98 via Paint  Use this link if you have an older DOS program and wish to print graphics with the Windows Paint method. This method is usually goof proof.


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