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                   Racing & Performance Software.

Suspension & Chassis Software


Front Suspension Geometry Pro Incredible, amazing and astonishing, you have to see it to believe it!  The ultimate suspension program.


Rear Suspension Geometry  Is your car loose and cross weight nor springs will fix the problem?  Or, maybe you are looking for a little more forward bite?  This program is exactly what you need.



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Circle Track & Road Racing Software


Computerized Chassis Weights Solve handling problems due to weight transfer in corners.  Also great for improving forward bite off corners.


Tire Temp Analyzer  Makes one pyrometer do the work of 12 pyrometers at once.  Use it solve handling problems and find more speed.



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Engine Only Software


Engine Shop The original "built it with parts" engine software.  The budget engine builders best secret!

No special computer knowledge required "plug and win"


Mustang 5.0 Performance Builder  



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I discovered using the Rear Suspension Geometry program that my axle was off in the turns.  We made some changes and now I can get into the turns way better!

                                            Jeff D.  CA

It is amazing how smart the software (Front Suspension Geometry Pro 4) really is!   I love the corner simulation page...

I never realized how much chassis tilt affected the geometry as it goes through the motions.

                                         Todd S.  OH

Since I started using the Computerized Chassis Weights the car has done nothing but get better!  And it was good to start with!

                                         Jay P.  NM

We smoked them last night.  It was my first A Main win. Thank You!  It was hard to let go and put all our faith in your program (Computerized Chassis Weights).  I am so thankfull we did.  Nothig else has ever made the impact on our racing like your software.

                                    Joe R.  CA

With only two applications of the Tire Temp Analyzer our lap time went from a 20.30 to a 20.00  I actually enjoyed driving it, too!

                                    Keith S.  IA

I'm 100% satisfied with the last program (Engine Analyzer).  That's why I called to get the drag racing program.

                                           Al R.  BC

I really like the Engine Shop.  When a customer comes in, we can load it up and very quickly see what different heads or thing will do for their horsepower.

                                      Jim W.  OH

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