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1: Testing at your computer gets immediate answers





Photos show what to measure


Works for any track banking

     and turn radius


Fun to try ideas


Workes with Front Suspension

     Geometry Pro software files


Test changes and get immediate



Try endless possible weight

     transfer combinations


Click HERE for input demo




Locates center of gravity

     height and location


Identifies weights on all 4 tires

     in the corners


Virtual scales model weight



See results of spring, sway bar,

     suspension geometry and

     track bar changes


Click HERE for output demo




Minimum Computer Requirements




Windows XP and CD ROM -works with Win 7, 8, 9, & 10

Normally the package is $149.90, but while suppy lasts

During the CD clearance sale, get both the Computerized Chassis Weights

And the Chassis Weights Lite software for one low price

of only $79.96 + $14.00 shipping + tax

2: Chassis Weights Lite software

Virtual Scales!  Chassis scales are critical in racecar set-ups, but not everybody has a set of scales or the time to re-scale the racecar. The new Chassis Weights Lite software acts like virtual scales.

Budget racers can use the Lite software to keep track of adding weight or removing weight and the software will show you what the scales would read due to the changes. This way you don't have to own a set of scales, you only need to get access to a set of scales once, or occasionally.

For you racers in higher classes In a hurry, use the Lite software to see what your weight distribution is when moving weight. Just grab the weight in the simulated frame rail in the software and slide it frontward or backward to instantly see the new percentages and the individual wheel weights. You can have the answer on your laptop before the competition can get their car on the scales.

Plus more weight tools!

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