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Incredible, Amazing and Astonishing!


Incredibly easy to use:


Made for Mechanics & Engineers

   Click demo >


Suspension measurement photos

     or 5 different coordinate systems


Instantly, see the front, top and

     side views of your suspension

     model, eliminates entry errors


Pre- loaded chassis files for

     quick starts or experimenting


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Amazing chassis adjustments:


Want to know what happens to

      your alignment if you change

      a camber or caster shim?

      Click demo >


See immediately what happens

      if you change arm lengths


Know ahead of time what ride

      height changes do to your

      roll center


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Astonishing analysis:


Several different ways to analyze

      your suspension including

      suspension curves, motions

      even steering feedback


Send your suspension to a given

      shock travel or watch it dive and

      roll as traveling trough a corner


Watch existing configuration vs

      proposed adjustments at the

      same time and see alignment

      differences, including roll center









It even works backwards via



Specify a roll center or camber

      and the place on the track, then

      instantly see what adjustments

      are necessary to hit that goal


See adjustment sensitivity ranking

      for quick decision on what to

      change first




















Minimum Computer Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10

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