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Auto-ware's Formula car runsheet


Auto-ware's 4 link rear GT1 runsheet


Auto-ware's Truck arm Stock Car runsheet


After the free trial period, this section will be the home for Excel applications that provide a frame work to log set-up information and contain other set-up tools.


Your set-ups can be stored for different tracks and events.  Plus, set-up sheets can be generated for best previous runs at different tracks.


Gearing work sheets and mechanical sheets will also be part of the applications.


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      Auto-Ware's Set-up Management

Keeping track of where you are and what you are doing with a race car is not something you can do in your head or on scattered note pads.  Use these set-up/run-sheet before and while running the car and then transfer all of the changes or unchanged original settings to a final  sheet at the end of the day.  Next, perform a “set-down” (measuring heights, angles, alignment, everything).  Once the set-down is complete (and recorded) compare this to your final set-up sheet.  You will be amazed at what you find!


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