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The Original Data Acquisition Webinars

NEXT SESSION STARTS Mar 7th. All sessions start 8pm Eastern - 7pm Central - 5pm Pacific unless other arrangements have been made.

How it works: There are different classes consisting of 5 sessions each.  They are customized and focus on the specific brand of data system, see below for day of week.  Prior to each live session you will receive (via email) handouts to use for notes during the live session.  Also, after each live session you will get a link to a recording of that session.


Tuesdays are dedicated to viewing the material in the AiM Race Studio software.  However, on subsequent days small group or private sessions covering the same material are available for CDS, Pi, or MoTec.


Data Acquisition session 1, the week of Mar 7th.

Data displays; reading & understanding the different ways data can be displayed and placing different signals from the car in the display types.


Data Acquisition session 2, the week of Mar 14th.

Working with data display appearances, manipulating and creating your own displays and creating typical pages/tabs/profiles for your own analysis.


Data Acquisition session 3, the week of Mar 21st

Tips and tricks prior to analyzing your data; math channels (understanding and creating). Understanding data quality, calibrating, sample rates, filtering & noise.


Data Acquisition session 4, the week of Mar 28th.

Using your views to analyze and interpreting the data; first things first, lap/segment times, driver skill & performance and the secret tool of comparing drivers.


Data Acquisition session 5, the week of April 4th.

Part 2, Using your views to analyze and interpreting the data; steady state handling, transient handling, chassis platform movement, and shock absorber performance, tire loading and pre-failure diagnostics.

Note: You must have speakers to hear the seminar & high speed connection (DSL or cable, etc)

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   Auto-Ware's  WEB semINARS  (webinars)

  UPDATED  We now have the Original Data Webinars and AdvancedData Webinars.

  Select the course below you wish to attend. After clicking the Purchase button

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  and it really is just like we areall sittingin one room looking at the same computer.

  Classes are limited to 8 people per class, so don't wait.

Advanced Data Acquisition

NEXT SESSION STARTS Mar 6th. All sessions start 8pm Eastern - 7 pm Central - 5pm Pacific unless other arrangements have been made.


Advanced DAQ session 1, Mar 6th.

The secret to winning, Best Practices of using data acquisition, universal constants, quick check and targets, life cycle management.


Advanced DAQ session 2, Mar 13th.

Drivetrain like you've never seen before, health issues, gearing, driver input, and using a basic system as a rolling engine dyno.


Advanced DAQ session 3, Mar 20th.

Tips and tricks for all things related to brakes, i.e brake bias & predicting lockup, aggression, driver skill, total slowing, master cyl & pedal issues, caliper issues, all done with a basic system and 2 brake pressure sensors.


Advanced DAQ session 4, Mar 27th.

A grab bag of goodies covering everything from dynamic load on tires, to measuring effective Anti-dive, to roll gradient comparisons, and using suspension frequencies to tune your suspension.


Advanced DAQ session 5, Aril 3rd.

DRIVER, skills & development and conclude with aerodynamics.

Note: You must have speakers to hear the seminar & high speed connection (DSL or cable, etc)

Your price $350.00

Only $175.00 if you have completed Original Data Acq webinar

(call for special rate)

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