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Suspension Geometry

Chassis software that takes suspension to a new level!

After years in development the  Front Suspension Geometry Pro  is now available at a reduced price!


You wanted to know what happens to your roll center when you change ride height or tilt, and now in 6 clicks you have your answer.


This chassis software has raised the bar for suspension software everywhere.   You said you wanted an EZ button, well we went one better and developed an OPTIMIZE button.


You can even run the software like a VCR and watch your chassis and suspension dive and roll in the corners.  Plus, you can run two set-ups at once to find improvements.


Hurry, big sale sale won't last long.


Don't let the get competition the jump order today!

Everything about Chassis Weights, for oval track racers

This software quickly shows you what happens to your corner weights when you:

Move ballast

Add ballast

Add or remove fuel

Jack weight in one corner


Plus quickly calculates % s and cross weight and a very close approximation of weight on all 4 tires in the turns  (program assumes all liquids are solid, etc)


Know ahead of time the difference in corner weights if you run on the steep part of the banking or on the flat part of the turns.


Don't let the get competition the jump order today!

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 Modified & Late Model  Rear Suspension  Software

3 and 4 link suspension simulations with J Bar or Panhard bar setups.


Does your car push in the corners? Very good chance it is due to the rear axle steer.

(see Pro Racing Tip below at right)


Simply input your shock travel and see which way your axle is pointed and how much.


Quickly see what would happen to your axle steer by moving a rod up or down.


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    Company History

Pro Racing Tips

John Block's first law of vehicle dynamics:


"The car tries to go where the wheels are pointed  *  ** "


* Actually where the contact patches are pointed, not the rims

** So long and the tires have grip/traction, otherwise see Newton's laws


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DYI Engine Builders

Don't miss this tool !

Build engines like a Pro!


Virtually build & test your engine before you buy the parts.


Pick from thousands of built-in parts or enter your own custom specs.


Know ahead of time if there is a fit problem with pistons sticking above the block and much much more!


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